Pencil Round
Door Stop
Skirting, Architrave, Dado Rail & Door Stop


18mm x 170mm Ogee Skirting
18mm x 145mm Ogee Skirting
18mm x 120mm Ogee Skirting
18mm x 70mm Ogee Architrave
18mm x 58mm Ogee Architrave
18mm x 170mm Torus Skirting
18mm x 145mm Torus Skirting
18mm x 120mm Torus Skirting
18mm x 70mm Torus Architrave
18mm x 58mm Torus Architrave
14.5mm x 95mm Chamfered Skirting
14.5mm x 70mm Chamfered Skirting
14.5mm x 45mm Chamfered Architrave
14.5mm x 95mm Pencil Round Skirting
14.5mm x 70mm Pencil Round Skirting
14.5mm x 45mm Pencil Round Architrave
18mm x 58mm Dado Rail
18mm x 58mm Door Stop
Window Boards  
25mm x 295mm Window Board
25mm x 270mm Window Board
25mm x 245mm Window Board
25mm x 220mm Window Board
25mm x 195mm Window Board
25mm x 170mm Window Board
Don't forget all of our MDF products are moisture resistant and pre-primed